WELCOME!!  Woooooowhooooo! I am choosing to create a space where we can get into discovery with one another as to how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to ALL that is in the world!  My intention is to create more Love & EWEnity in the EWEniverse ONE heart at a time (NOW), by contin-EWE-ally learning to ascend more and more in love and understanding with MYSELF.    My  Blog is an invitation for ewe to join me as this is simply a place to think out loud and share some real life adventures that give each one of us more perspective.  I will be posting the images weekly on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LoveEwesbyK8TheHeArtist/   WHO,What, Where, When and Why & How of what I am up to will play out over time.  It is time to stop waiting to share.  There is never "the" perfect time to start anything but there is "A" perfect time to begin something and that is always NOW!! This is because that is the time in which action can be taken so that results may be real-eyesed and eval-EWE-ated and adjusted as required to stay in alignment with the intention or evolve.  Be compassionate with EWErself on this journey into the great unknown and as the poet Rumi, aka R-EWE-mi suggest, Let Love be the bridge that connects EWEwith everything ewer heart desires.  And so...12/1

3/16/2017 It is so amazing how quickly the time seems to pass.  How could months have been experienced since I stepped away from this blog while being distracted by the many things and people needing my attention during the holiday season-  that is not to suggest that I have not been in continEWEal development of the LOVE EWEs -- I have indeed.  I am feeling the challenges of working full time, being a mom to 3 amazing children and building a dream when time permits.  I feel it is so important to stay gentle with myself as I go through this.  I love when I have the time to create and it makes me feel alive.  That is an indicator that I am on the right path so it would be silly to stop moving forward no matter what pace I get to.  It actually makes the experience of creation a bit more savory.   I see that as I follow my bliss I feel better overall and that can only be beneficial to the whole.  I am taking pressure off of myself to have to have things happen in certain ways and letting them organically evolve as I do.  Keep taking steps as ewe are able towards what ever sets ewer heart on fire!  I'll see ewe in EWEtopia!   


Ironically as I sit to write and wish all of ewe peace I feel the need to continEWEally remind myself to stay in this state despite the outside conditions and the additional stressers that are often synonymous with the season.  It takes a lot of self awareness to keep centered focused on what really matters to enjoy the holidays rather than survive them.  I notice that many people are shifting from the materialism ----i was interrupted a few hours ago while wrtiing and am now very tired.  I am giving myself permission to go to get the rest that I need and return to this in the morning when I am feeling refreshed and better able to complete my thoughts.


Keeping TABs- like checking in with ewer, Thoughts, Actions, Beliefs (TABs) each NOW and contin-ewe-ally ensuring that they are aligned with Love or consciously realigning them takes a lot of intention and concentration.  I have noticed that since I have made the choice to live my life choosing to see circumstances and sit-EWE-ations from the context of Love instead of fear everything seems brighter.  I claim often that I feel that I am living on the magic channel.  Syncr-EWE-nicites are the norm instead of the rarity.  I am really following my int-EWE-tion to do what I feel called to do.  This last week on a quick 40 minute flight back home from work travel I sat down next to two women.  Initially while they were pleasant,  they were not particularly engaging. The gal next to the window remarked how much she like my bracelet.   I thanked her for the compliment and offered where I'd recently bought it on sale if she wanted to go get one.  We hardly spoke more until the last 15 minutes of the flight.  I'd gotten an inner nudge while speaking with Roy across the aisle from me about some shared perspectives about the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, from the 1940's. Something inside me said to offer the woman my bracelet.  I have recently been practicing the art of detachment from stuff.  No thing can make one feel true happiness.  In fact too much stuff makes me begin to feel anxiety and overwhelm.  As a result of beginning to feel this way , I recently donated over 14 bags of clothing and home goods to a woman's shelter and WOW was it freeing!  It also helped so many people in need.  The most surprising awareness is that one would not even know that I had taken anything out...the house is still full to the brim.  lol   More clearing to go!!  Anyway, as I was saying I have been practicing giving things away and valuing kindness and creating joy for another over the celebration of stuff that I own.  The bracelet became an opportunity to do just that.  I leaned forward and said, excuse me, at the beginning of the flight you had commented that you'd liked my bracelet,  If you are willing to receive it as a gift, I would like to give it to you.  I am working to not be attached to things and instead value people and relations more.  She was absolutely shocked.  Even a bit embarrassed perhaps feeling like maybe she'd caused me to give up this bracelet by liking it too much ;).  After reinforcing my intentions she smiled wide and was delighted to receive the new cuff bracelet. Courtney held it in her hand and expressed much delight and gratit-EWE-de.  What happened next was unexpected and heart warming.  Lucille who had sat silent and notably to her self in the middle of us the entire flight opened her mouth and expressed how moved she was by what she just witnessed.  She said" We cannot take stuff with us when we die and sharing love, joy and things while we are alive is the true joy of life!.  Lucille followed her thought by sharing that she was on her way to Houston to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, where she was traveling to go be with her favorite cousin who had only days to live.  She said that the bracelet exchange made her day and more importantly restored her faith in kindness in the world. 

The irony of her sharing she was headed to her cousin as he was preparing to transition out of physical form was not lost on me.  I was sitting next to her because I changed my flight to fly a day earlier than planned due to the unplanned death of my very dear friend and work partner of 18 years.  A week before, Mark had passed away in the late hours of Thanksgiving day, as it was becoming Friday.  Lucille and I were both faced with the cycle of life and the loss and pending loss of someone we greatly love.  We found comfort together in our aliveness and ability to express love for life and one another...total strangers until this flight.  Others who were overhearing our conversation and exchange were also effected by the ripple effect of the love being shared, they either said so or expressed so with nods and smiles.  We can effect so much in our space that has a far reaching effect we can never fully real-eyes.  Parting with a bracelet pulled so much together.  

Upon leaving the airport,  I  drove straight to a restaurant to meet a retired co-worker and our retired boss who also had just flown in for the funeral at 2 pm.  Love for Mark and each of us inspired Ed to get on a flight that caused him to have to depart his home at 4 AM that morning and not return to it until after 11 that night.  We had become a family over the 11 years that we had worked directly together.  We were not simply building sales together but rather a life together.  Keep LOVE in ewer intentions in work and the results will take care of themselves.  We were always the highest performing team, despite market conditions, economic challenges, shifts in leadership...we stuck together and had each other's backs and truly lifted one another up.  

When Ed, Tony and I  arrived at the restaurant we asked for a table for 4 and invited Mark to join us!  Strange?  Well it felt right to us and made each of us feel better.  By inviting him we let Love in instead of feeling the incredible loss.  The space felt full to me and I allowed it to be Mark that filled it.  In the physical body we can only be in one place at a time but in the etheric  body there becomes a freedom I believe that one can be everywhere at the same time!  These are my beliefs and I am enjoying being present to my thoughts, actions, and beliefs to make life feel full of joy, love and gratit-EWE-de.  Be a bridge this week for higher potentials to be real-eyesed because ewe are focused on Love being the outcome!  I will too and it will matter to many that we did!  Love ewe!



11/21/2016 Thankgiving Week-

               In my h-EWE-ge life I am  now overflowing with love!!!

The blessings that occur to me as obvious are of course my loving and supportive family, a job that is fulfilling and financially rewarding, friends that enrich my life, the opportunities to travel and see new places, spaces, and ways of being in the world. All of them bringing me awareness for new potentials and ways of experiencing life. WOW! so many EWEnique ways.  Some that feel in alignment with how I want to play life and others not!  Yet they all provide important data for me to get clarity around that new knowing and increased self awareness. 

One blessing that has no limit or end in sight is the lifetime project I am developing around the intention of generating greater self love for All, one heART at a time, with THE LOVE EWES.   I really never could have imagined that all that I am feeling being created through me could have come about in such an unsuspecting, organic way.  One July day in 2009 I did not have a lunch appointment so zipped in to a local restaurant, sat down at the bar to expedite the process, ordered pasta, said hello to the man to my right and the woman to my left.   The man next to me started showing me pictures of his recent re-marriage to his wife in France.  Very lovely I shared.  We exchanged more dialogue and real-eyesed that with him being in remediation clean-up and me in the industrial distribution world we could be great work, network partners.  We exchanged numbers.  Months later I reached out to him inquiring if he had any contacts for a private company  directional driller of oil, as one of my clients was in need of one.  He indeed did, contact was made in November.  The contact reached out to my client and they met.  For that particular venture it was not a fit but it got me in relation with a new company who would become a friend.  In late January of 2010 we met and he shared with me the notion that I was not a sheep, but rather very unusual as I had always been my word and followed up on each of the business opportunities that I said I would.  He said  EWE are different! and so it began.   An entire eweniverse has been created and contin-EWE-se to unfold for me from that one simple text that he had sent.  What if I had not gone to lunch that day at that restaiurant, spoken to the person next to me, followed up to ask if he knew someone, called and connected, stayed in comm-EWE-nication, and paid attention to my laughter at reading the text comm-EWE-nication that made me smile wide?  Some of our greatest blessings are waiting to be discovered by us.  They sit right under our nose but we do not smell them or see them for their potential.  I can certainly attest to the fact that I never could have seen what I see now if I'd not taken the first small steps.  The first steps were texting friends that I also felt were not just following a flock but acting in EWEnique ways, following their hearts and passion.  I would acknowledge them by saying, EYE see EWE, EWE are not a sheep- ewe are EWEnique, Thank ewe for being EWE, I love EWE, etc....  then a painting of a ewe, then thoughts that went with the character, then friends of the character.....WOW!  What eweniverses are awaiting to emerge through ewe?  I cannot wait to see.  Be grateful for all the subtleties that occur each NOW moment of ewer life.  EWE may not be able to recogn-eyes the blessings to their fullest potential when they first arrive. Until they mature simply enjoy life's daily miracles of connecting with strangers and making them friends...we are here together to co-create EWEtopia.  LOVE ewe. Have an amazing week creating love & ewe-nity where ewe stand....or sit :)

In the beginning..........


WHO: I AM one being that is committed to being Love and feeling love in each of my circumstances despite what outside conditions may appear.  I recogn-eyes that I have a choice in each of my NOW moments of creation to build my life the way that I want to experience it at this timing and in the f-EWE-ture.  

Wooooowhoooooooo- Take the plunge in the direction of ewer dream life!  It may feel a bit overwhelming or scary because ewe can not see ALL that will arise while ewe are in motion.  If ewe do not ever get in motion however, ewe will not be able to be ONE day be standing in ewer f-EWE-ture and in ONE moment NOW real-eyes that ewe are recogn-eyesing  the vision ewe had held and moved towards.  This is a blissful feeling that long term trumps any short term or temporary set backs of arriving in that space.  Be gentle with ewerself and Love ewerself through it all.  All of the obstacles serve a great purpose.  Stay curious as to why they are there and let the answers and then sol-EWE-tions or EWE-turns present themselves for ewe to keep going.  Ewe ride through the UPS & DOWNS, cycles of life more beneficially when ewe invite Love & strength to take the wheel.  EWE WHo.....eye feel ewe....ride ewer hills this week with Love and advent-EWE-re.  Post on facebook something ewe did and the outcome...we will all grOW by witnessing EWE stretching outside of ewer comfort zone. Thank EWE

I am so in AWE and delighted that I AM where I AM NOW!  In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined all that it is, that I now see and feel in relation to my purpose, my passion, my intentions and my actions.  Ewe see the funny part is that they can all be condensed to one dynamic word...LOVE!  By getting in motion and not even knowing that I was building a platform years ago something complex has been birthed through simple thoughts, actions and beliefs  (TABs) played with each day.  As I keep  TABs of myself aligned with LOVE, amazing developments and advancements are real-eyesed.  Funny also, all the ideas in my head of all that is to come also reduce to one simple word...LOVE.  Love is all that is!  Everything has both LOVE & fear as a potential.  The one we ch-ewe-se expands. 

In the beginning there was a word, and the word was EWE.  It struck me funny that day in early 2010 but I cannot even recall the exact day that my life birthed what is NOW this EWEniverse!  Big things do not always show up h-EWE-ge, they grOW there.  One step at a time  (each NOW).  Is there something that ewe have been thinking about?  Maybe ewe will enjoy playing with that thought a bit more.  I have found that if I am having fun terrific things can emerge.  

I reflect at this stage of what I can see and can hardly remember how it truly all began.  Like any life path we choose in each moment---because we choose each moment--turn right or turn left, go up or go down, stop now or keep going.... all those decisions create the next space for creation.  When a co-worker, John,  asked me to dinner in 1997, when I said yes to dinner, I could never have real-eyesed, dinner Friday night would evolve to marriage in 1999, birth of our beautiful triplets in 2005, and then after 14 years of marriage reverting back to terrific friends and co-parents to our children.  That is the condensed version of a very complex cycle of shifts in life.  I share it simply to illustrate that each choice we make creates our life whether we are aware of it or not.  Over time we will share together our joys, pains, struggles, achievements and learn to celebrate them all.  They are all an opport-EWE-nity to help us get into deeper awareness of who we naturally are.  I am choosing to begin this blog today and in doing so here are a couple things I am learning or re-enforcing about myself; I have anxiety about the fact that I did not get this posted at 7 AM on FB as I had communicated that I would.   I had something here on the blog at 7 but it was not complete.  It is not because I do not care.. but rather because I care about too much. I am finding that as I get more intentional in my life everything I am up to is important and urgent!  I have learned that I feel my best when I am doing what I said that I would. With this awareness I know I need to make some shifts. 

Last Friday in going through and exercise of doing my first facebook live broadcast, I learned that I do not want to put such rigid framing around this experience with the LOVE EWEs.  I work full time and am a mother to 3 active 11 year olds.  Those two things are very demanding and I need more flexibility for myself to keep this in integrity and fun and meaningful for all.  SO with this new awareness I am creating that space for myself.  I will post sometime on Monday as I feel called and able to share words of inspiration and celebration of us each reaching the next highest version of ourselves.  I will be working with the LOVE EWEs for the rest of my life...they are my life, they are me and ewe in the virt-EWE-al world.  It will be fun to keep bridging the two.  Think about where ewe need to make some adjustments with ewerself to get back into integerity and joy with ewerself if ewe feel willing to share post them on the LOVE EWEs by K8 the Heartist fb page.  I'll be back later this week with more thoughts..Like ewe I am finding my way in new ways of being and allowing it to unfold organically, keeping LOVE at the center of it ALL.  Love ewe!  Have a fab-EWE-lous week being ewe.  WooooooWHOoooooooooo!!!

The format with which I am choosing to launch until we real-eyes that a shift will potentially enhance the experience will be the following:

Monday each week a prompt will appear as a post on Facebook at LOVE EWES by K8 the heArtist,  https://www.facebook.com/LoveEwesbyK8TheHeArtist/

please find us and like/follow us there if ewe have not already.   My blog will vary a bit each week yet will have my perspective, thoughts and insights that I feel called to share publicly in relation to the prompts that are put forward.  Ewe will have a week to be present to the thoughts and be aware to those feelings and beliefs that come up for ewe....ewe can create a journal that on the outside of it could say "DATA"--- we are re-searching through ourselves, about ourselves, for ourselves....it will matter to many that we did!!!  As ewe post some of ewer feedback on line we begin to get a collective consciousness that will allow us to see some of ourselves in others and gain new insights about how varied and complex we each are.  Forget the notion that there is a normal... seriously there are over 7 billion people on the planet each with our own journey and filters....show me the formula that could capture the variables in that mix to come up with a = normal!!!  NOT.  soooooooo simply celebrate ewe in all of ewer woolly One-der-FuLL wacky, whimsy, brilliant ways!

From time to time I will pop in on Facebook live and share what is on my heart.  

As we evolve, I will  when ready, routinely post video of interviews with real life LOVE EWEs, people who are currently in pursuit of their galactic life, chasing their dreams and ch-ewe-sing to live in LOVE & EWE-nity over fear & "sheep"-aration--- they will also be available on YouTube where of course our channel is :   EWE TUBE Channel.......not baaa  aaaaa  aaaad the way that lil syncr-EWE-nicity just played out.

I Love ewe!, K8 :)