How We Got Started

 The Love Ewes were born in 2010 and have been evolving into the adorable, loving beings they are today as their creat"ewer", K8, has been evolving on her life's journey.  The first notion of a love ewe was simply a comm-EWE-nication between K8 and a friend acknowledging with one another that they were not sheep just following the flock, but rather ewes (YOUs) who were "ewenique"...following their hearts.   

 A whole lexicon was born to celebrate the "ewes" in K8's life. She would share  fun text messages back and forth like ,eye love ewe, and eye see ewe as different, making the funny lang-EWE-age a part of her daily speech. It is now the EWEtopian lan-EWE-age.

 K8 has been a whimsical artist her whole life.  Her first mural masterpiece however was not appreciated by her unsuspecting neighbor, Mrs. Adams.  At age 5, K8 had sneaked out the back door of the house with a bucket of crayons while her mommy was busy with her 2 year old sister Sarah.  She found the neighbor's garage door wide open and with great delight proceeded to cover the entire side of the Adams' family sedan with crayola.  You can take the crayons away from a child, but not the creativity and the passion to be ewer own boss! 

 A true entreprn-EWE-r at heart, K8 had her first business, K-Tees, hand painted t-shirts, when she was only 12 years old.  Additionally, she had been signing her name as K8 from a very young age.  She has real-eyesed for a long time that she does not end at "e" in reference to her name being  spelled Kate. Instead, she  was an" infinite possibility", and therefore dropped "ate" and embraced the infinity symbol "8".  Magically it phonetically stays the same...Keight.  Symbolically it changes everything for her.  Playing with words, numbers, symbols and their meaning has naturally occurred to her for many years.

 As an artist  it was only a matter of time before the language, affectionately called Ewetopian, by K8 and her circle of influence, would call into being.. a cool character to match the playful language. 

 Meet The first Love Ewes!  from 2010 

 Oh, my how they have EVOLved. These loving beings aim to teach the important lessons she has learned and awakened to over her 46 rotations around the sun...(years of her life).  As a mom to 12 year old amazing triplets, K8 has been a keen observer and teacher, & st-EWE-dent, in  the development of people.  She became acutely aware of the importance of self love, healthy living habits, taking personal responsibility, good nutrition, treating others with respect in order for one to live their best life. 

 These ewes became a perfect vehicle to incorporate important lessons for children ( and the inner child in each of us) to be delivered in a fun way through bright, cheerful art and stories. They teach importance of not being sheep just following the flock aimlessly.   Be EWE, be ewenique, be LOVE and cast ewer ripple out.  All of K8's work is infused with PURE LOVE.  It cannot help but make ewe smile wide when ewe gaze upon it.  Painting a smile on ewer face is one way K8 shares love with the eweniverse....being love and casting her ripple out!

Like most entrepren-EWE-rial spirits, there are many attempts at becoming ewer greatness that do not turn out as we plan when we engage in them.  K8's journey has had many twists and turns.  ALL on purpose! Many people would call and some have called her attempts at big business fail-EWEres.  She never saw them that way- simply LESSONS learned. They always provided important wisdom & gr"OW"th,  and  she kept moving forward with renewed understanding and more perspective. The "OW", hurt was temporary but the gained insights-- infinite!   She learned many ways things did not work as she had desired and that "knowing" was a H-EWE-ge $ucce$$.   She has grown to understand that Planet Earth is really just our learning laboratory...or if keeping in alignment with her playful nature, our learning playground!   Woooooowhooooooo? !!!!

  Experiences  along the way made her real-eyes  that it is  ONLY  through our greatest struggles and breakdowns that true breakthroughs to ewer GREATNESS can emerge.  If ewe are comfortable, ewe are not stretching and growing. K8 now fully understands and practices the fact that ewer bliss-full life begins at the end of ewer comfort zone.  Make it a point to do things that make ewe uncomfortable, but always with a context of love in the equation.  Seek the lessons, not the opinions of others, on ewer journey to ewer greatness! Follow ewer heart, it knows the way.  No one outside of ewerself can see what ewe feel inside of ewerself!  Trust EWE!

 Having found her bliss-full life path as a creat-EWE-r,  her intention  is to inspire LOVE & EWEnity for ALL through fun art enf-EWE-sed with LOVE! The powerful messages incorporated into whimsical settings are  fun to graze upon as they are food for ewer soul.  They fill ewer spirit not ewer waistline so  ewe can graze on K8's creations to infinity!  What will this soul food full of healthy thoughts and amazing energy nourish and awaken in ewe?!!!!

K8 could not have anticipated how H-EWE-ge the vision for The Love Ewes would EVOLve.  It has grown into an entire Eweniverse.  It is such a bewetiful and exciting vision to be in.  The friends and associates who are now a part of the project of developing it into stories, film and much more are all simply fulfilling their passion by being who they naturally are.  The Love Ewes have become a vehicle for so many individuals to experience exactly what The Love Ewes teach... follow ewer passion and the path will appear.  Just as it occurs in the story books that are forthcoming, each person has a ewenique gift and passion that collectively serves the highest good of the whole.  No one in our flock is trying to be or do what they are not.  We are each HAPPY BEINGS, being who we are and everything evolves with ease and joy. 

 We hope ewe like what ewe find here and come back to play with us often.  Almost as if with the cycle of the Big B-ewe-tiful moon, we are always EVOLving.  Make it a point to come see and visit us at least every New Moon! 

 With P-EWE-re Love,  

K8 & The Love Ewe Flock

WoooooooooooWHOoooooooooooo...................EWE WHOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....